The Product

Rakaboots is “the” ideal storage solution for your wellies.
It provides a full range of advantages:

Wellies are placed on the rack upside-down

  • the legs are always straight, no folds
  • wellies are constantly aired
  • prevents dust and small animals

It is made of a one single part of natural beech wood

  • it is therefore easy to install using only two screws
  • it is unbreakable, maintains its shape and can easily support the weight of the largest sizes

It is wall-mounted

  • it therefore keeps the floor free of clutter

Sold in two versions, it suits to small and large families

  • the small model can hold 2 pairs of wellies
  • the large model can hold 3 pairs of wellies

It takes any sizes (28+ and up)

It takes all types of wellies, boots and bootees

Sold in two versions

The small model can hold 2 pairs of wellies
(dimensions: L 45 x D 21 x H 8 cm – weight 0.625 kg)


The large model can hold 3 pairs of wellies
(dimensions: L 66 x D 21 x H 8 cm – weight 0.935 kg)


It is as suitable in the garage as it is in a dressing room.


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